Weddings and Private Events

Hosting a wedding can be an overwhelming task, and we are often approached about bookings a year or more in advance.  It isn't necessary to book us a year ahead of time, but if you're looking to do an event in the summer, Cort's calendar gets a little full around that time, so book us early!  Use our Contact page to inquire about hiring Cort or one of his bands for your event.

Cort has performed at dozens of weddings, and worked with all kinds of hosts in many different situations. Professionalism, experience and being very easy to work with make Cort a great choice to meet your music needs.  He can help you plan, solve problems, and is great to work with on event day when things inevitably go wrong, and you need your team to be calm in a storm, and get you through it.  We have references available upon request (inquire on our Contact page), but just communicating with us about your event will make it clear what we can do for your special event.

How much will it cost?

Quite a few factors go into determining our fee, including our travel costs, amount of performance time, whether we provide a sound system and engineer, how many musicians and support crew are required, and whether you desire some extra services related to music and sound.

  • Travel - how much time, gas and food does it take to get the crew to your event and back?
  • Event Time - How long will we need to be at your event?  How many sets would you like us to play?  
  • Sound System - We can bring a PA system and engineer to run it while we perform.  The cost for this is usually around $200.
  • Musicians - It will generally cost $200 for each extra musician, if we've already established a price.  So, for instance, if we negotiated an event for $1000, but you'd like the band to add a fiddle to the mix, it will now cost $1200.
  • Extra Services - The band can learn a song by request, if there is enough lead time.  We can also accompany a guest singer from the party, if arrangements are made ahead of time.  Each song we make arrangements like this for will generally add $100 to the fee.  Cort can provide canned music for parts of the event, and he can also help with live or pre-recorded music for wedding ceremonies or other parts of a program.

Like most things in life, our fee is negotiable.  First, we discuss what you need, and then we provide an estimate, and we'll take it from there.  Use our Contact page to email us and get the process started.