Hiring Cort to Play Your Event

A Cort Armstrong performance can include a variety of combinations, from his solo sets to a five piece band, and can include an even wider variety of instrumentation, depending on your budget.  Inquire about what you'd like at Cort's Contact Us page.

Cort and any of his bands are available for almost any kind of performance situation, including house concerts, weddings, festivals, coffeehouses, restaurants, and live music friendly bars.  Custom combos can include bass, harmonica, fiddle, mandolin, piano, drums and more.  We're glad to consult with you about how to make a private event work.  Please inquire at our Contact Us page for more details.

FarmStrong is available for booking as well. Visit the band's website to inquire.

If you'd like to book Cort for a house concert, check out our House Concert page for great information about setting up a house concert at your house.

If you'd like to hire Cort or any of his bands for a wedding or private party, check out our Private Events page to get more information, including an idea of cost.